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The solicitor of your choice can be the difference between the success and failure of your clinical negligence claim. With so many solicitors out there vying to represent you, how do you separate the competent from the incompetent?

The key is to be patient in your search and to know what to look for. Below are some of the qualities of a good hospital negligence solicitor that you should consider:


Clinical negligence is complicated and requires deep technical knowledge from the practitioner. You should place your case in the hands of a specialist who earned certification from recognised bodies in the UK, such as, the Law Society and the AvMA. Solicitors who are approved by either of the aforementioned bodies have proven competency in clinical negligence disputes. They are also up to date with recent jurisprudence and developments in the field necessary to successfully represent victims of negligent medical practitioners.


The best solicitor is someone who can be trusted to represent faithfully the cause of his client. He should put the interest of the client first before his. To make sure you get a solicitor with good reputation, contact either the Law Society or AvMA to ask if a prospect of yours has a history of complaints. You can also browse the Internet and check out testimonials from past clients.


Choosing an experienced solicitor for your clinical negligence case will be your best solution to a favourable decision. There are instances where victims of negligence have strong cases but nevertheless end up getting low or no compensation at all because their counsel is inexperienced.

An experienced clinical negligence solicitor can help secure favourable compensation for you because of his ability to:

  • Gather essential data regarding your injury
  • Connect with medical experts who can testify on your behalf
  • Present your evidence in a convincing manner
  • Rebut the claims of the other party
  • Attack the weakness of the other party’s defence

Excellent Service

Finally, you should consider the way you are being treated by the solicitor or his staff. Good solicitors do not only have extensive legal knowledge, but they also provide good customer service. Your solicitor of choice and his staff should respond to your questions professionally and timely. It would be an added bonus if he is willing to provide you a flexible scheme to settle the required fees or to help you in recuperating while the case is being litigated.